Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Welcome to my blog !

Welcome to ksquared.

Hello fellow bloggers and classmates!

Ah yes, the pressure of my first blog. I never thought blogging would be such a nuisance, but I mean, when you're constantly chatting away on Facebook, Tweeting, Texting, BBMing, E-mailing or even discussing the latest news with a friend or colleague...what ELSE can you possibly talk about? 
Giving that question much thought, I realized, you know what...I can talk about absolutely ANYTHING I want! Literally.
I can talk about my favourite sports, my favourite songs, my dogs, my WONDERFUL PR classmates or even something as simple as: Why my favourite colour is purple?

Well folks, I've decided this whole "blogging thing" is going to be my next personal goal. I want to become a blogging expert. I want to be able to express and share with you my feelings/emotions, thoughts, stories, creative ideas, and anything that really comes to mind. My goal is to engage you in my blogs, and allow you to experience my journey in becoming a blogging guru. I believe this will be a great personal challenge for myself and will allow me the opportunity to get in the habit of continuous writing. 

On that note, I want to welcome you all to my blog and I hope that I'm able to entertain and educate you through my stories, pictures and videos that will soon follow.

- KK

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